Thursday, July 8, 2010


This post has been written by a friend of mine...who wanted to share some thoughts and I am just representing his views through my blog.

On 5th of July 2010, the world’s largest democracy, India, once again witnessed the mockery of the principle of democracy. The (so called) secular and non-secular rival parties, which keep an arms distance from each other and always uphold and endorse their (so called) ideological differences, came together as united opposition and protested against the government’s anti-social policy of deregulating the prices of petrol and diesel. The bandh enforced by leveraging the muscle power of state parties like TDP, SP, Shiv Sena, MNS, in coalition with the national parties like BJP and CPM throughout the country, paralyzed the life of the common man who was still coming to terms with the price rise.

In the disguise of fighting for the common man, they snatched the bread from thousands of workers and small business owners who survive on daily earnings. People who support themselves on daily wages like laborers, mechanics, rickshaw pullers, auto and taxi drivers were forced to stay off roads. Small business owners comprising of thousands of shopkeepers, workshop owners and daily service providers were barred from operating. Is not the right to earn livelihood guaranteed by the Constitution of India? The so called united opposition conveniently overlooks these rights for its own political benefit.

The entire public transport network of the country was paralyzed and brought to a standstill by the violent party workers of the protesting parties. Trains on a large number of major routes were stopped, hundreds of flights were cancelled across the country and blocked highways caused major jams across metropolitan cities. All the while no party was concerned about the horrendous or diabolical experience the common man would have to go through. No party realized that these services are crucial and might be needed for people facing medical emergency or financial and business commitments which might cause them huge liabilities. Why should the common man bear the brunt of moralistic insensitivities of these dramatics of irresponsible political parties?

Protesting against the issue of price rise, the uncivilized party workers caused huge damage to the public property. Hundreds of buses were burnt and stoned in Mumbai alone by BJP, Shiv Sena and MNS workers. These losses would be recovered from the limited government resources which are dependent on that taxpayer’s money who is already buried under the inflationary pressure and high prices. Why don’t these political parties burn their own assets rather than public property to accentuate their agitation? Is there any privileged right under the Constitution enjoyed by these political parties which gives them the power to destroy public property and still get away unchecked.

The irony in all these dramatized national bandhs which goes largely unnoticed is the privilege enjoyed by the media and its people. While all the critical services of the country needed by common man were shut down, media remained unaffected as its service was required by the participating political parties to showcase their strength and by opportunist leaders to earn brownie points. While ordinary citizens and their vehicles were attacked and bundled off the road, media people and their vehicles remained untouched. The media does the job of providing these political goons their fifteen minutes of fame which they leverage to fortify their political ambitions. Why doesn’t the media restrain from providing them national footage and making heroes out of them and instead of weakening it by making it a no show? The political leaders who otherwise are above the law propose self arrest under the flash of camera lights (with possibly an anticipatory bail in pocket) to gain premium political mileage from the media. They get over with their few minutes of drama and go back to their plush homes and air conditioned offices while people on the streets struggle to make their ends meet.

The government on the other hand is efficient when it has to disburse the agitating students over reservation in Delhi or Hero Honda workers agitating against police atrocities in Gurgaon and makes no delay in resorting to lathi charge, water cannons and tear gas shells on barehanded agitators. However it looks helpless in front of these political goons who pelt stones and burn state property and cause damage. Why didn’t it treat these political parties the same as it did in previous cases of agitation against the law of the land? Do the rights of agitation and protest vest only with political parties and not with the common man. Why aren’t they treated at par with others for the same crime?

When these agitating political parties are stopped or suppressed by the government for disrupting lives of common people they make a hue and cry about the democratic rights of freedom of speech and expression. But why don’t they remember that the common man has these rights too and they have no right to disrupt the lives of thousands of people for their own selfish motives. Why do they define the terms of democracy at their own will when the Constitution of India gives the same rights to all citizens of this country equally? Whether it’s the ruling coalition with its price rise and inflationary policies or the opportunist united opposition with its vandalistic countrywide bandh, both have meted out injustice to the common man.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


"Hurry up......damn it!!! You are making us late" I screamed while my sister was still stuck at how to wear socks-a daily chore, which has become one of the refreshing memories of my childhood comes to my mind whenever I see that maggi ad where the mother tries to get her child to the school bus and makes me wonder that how much I used to wait to get this school time over and step in to the teenage world.....but when it got over...I wished it had never gotten over.
Last week when I saw this movie where the actor prayed to God that he clears his exams, it reminded me of the prayers and the bribes I used to offer to God but...ahan ahan...don’t think that I didn’t used to study and spent my time in offering something to Him. I treated God like a buddy and used to pray that please please please….I want to meet this famous cricketer….please please please do something and I promise….I will study please let me spend 10 mins of my life with him (I still do that prayer sometimes childhood crushes die hard :P )
While waiting for a friend I was just wandering around when I saw a girl trying to hold on one of her friends after she was drunk and I remembered the time when my friends supported me the same way when I got drunk for the first time and how they told me….you were amazing you know….you were able to walk straight even after gulping down 3 drinks for the first time.
I was watching this 60’s movies at star movies where the teenage kids were talking about this “nirvana thing” after taking the drugs and here again...I remembered the nirvana....which I and my best friend used to share every evening and wondered how much difference was there between our nirvana which was detoxicating us and their nirvana which was toxing them.
Whenever it rains, I miss the window by the stairs of my home where I used to sit with my cup of tea and the books (Accounts books yaa I was the studious kinds) and the door of my balcony on the 5th floor of the hostel from where I could see the rainbow the clouds, the lightning the birds and the sun.
Whenever I go to Archies and see the cards and the teddies (I don’t love them) it reminds me of the friend who has been there for me through thick and thin and cried when she saw the tears in my eyes.
Whenever I see someone showing off his/her smartness I miss that friend who used to share the same expressions of being neutral to that person and leaving that person wondering what wrong did he do :P
I just shifted to a new place and everyday while coming back from office I see a sweet not more than three year old girl holding a finger of her grandfather walking down on the road and playing with her grandfather and her grandfather is always smiling for her and this reminded me of my grandfather’s smile who used to eat the rotis made by me without saying a single word when I was around ten years old kid and telling me that I was perfect.
BUT why these memories are so important why something else doesn’t come to my mind when so many things are happening daily in front of my eyes but why doesn’t my mind react on that??? These were the questions that kept coming to my mind when I started writing this post…..then came the savior of my life….a friend…who surprised me with the level of her understanding me….as she gave me the answers I was searching for…….
All these incidents though they are small but have played a major role in shaping the person I am today… I took the smile from my grandfather never realizing the fact that a smile can make someone happy……the rains are always the same and it smells the same wherever it pours so the key is to be the same person as always and everything will fall in place…..the friends are always needed not only to put you back on the track but also to spoil you so that you can realize the value of good things in life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ghosts and The Angels

I was tagged in a note some days back and there was one option where I had to write about what I think of my past and there I had written that I don’t care about it…but after that so many things from the past came back haunting me for many hours.

I didn’t want to categorize my memories as good and bad as I think memories are only memories they are neither good nor bad; it’s our experience which is good and bad and our feelings of being happy and sad about them, so I categorized them as the ghosts and the angels of the past. I know many of my friends are not going to agree with me on the categorization which I am going to do the next.

All the memories related to my (best) friends come under The Ghosts category and the memories related to some (beep beep) people come under The Angels category. The reasons:

Good friends are difficult to find and when you find them they stick to you like ghosts. They follow you everywhere you go and even if they are not there, you will always feel haunted by their presence. They will emerge like a ghost from nowhere to get you back on the track and it’s really difficult to get past these ghosts. The events that made you happy are also like ghosts as whenever they come back to you, they make you feel nostalgic.

The (beep beep) people are like Angels, they don’t bother you that much with their presence; they come, do their work and leave you once their work is done. I don’t have much to talk about the angels because I find it difficult to talk about them as I am almost indifferent to them.

So all of us care about these so called ghosts and angels but we prefer not admitting it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Perfection !!!

I told my friend that I am practicing on the language; he is trying to teach me. He said- good, keep it up, practice will make you learn fast and I said I know practice will make this woman perfect and the reply he gave me, left me surprised (and amused). He said “Women are perfect”.

Later in the night when I was going to sleep those words came back to me and I started thinking the ‘why’ factor and the answers to that ‘why’ factor I could find:

1. Women are more understanding than the men. You don’t have to speak to tell them that you are feeling sad or happy; they can tell you by looking once at you.

2. Women become mature at an early stage as compared to men. If you don’t believe me then ask for the view points of a girl and a guy about a relationship and you will get the difference ;)

3. A confidante and an accomplice, you can always dump any secret in a woman and she will always listen to you.

4. Only a woman can play the role of a friend, a mother, a sister, a guide, a wife, a partner, an advisor…. So many roles she plays at same time.

5. Only a woman loves without any conditions.

6. Women know how to take control of their emotions and feelings, they know when to move on and leave the past in the past whereas men can’t do it. (try to recall how many times you called up your ex-girlfriend to know what she is doing now)

And some quotes by some unknown great persons:

“Women are perfect because they are not men.”
“God made man first and then a woman, So man is just a trial piece and Woman is perfect.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday, while I was talking to a friend of mine about the last days of our student life and our memories of this place, we started discussing about the attachment factor. Her question was whether suffering is a cause for attachment or attachment is a cause for suffering.

In my view suffering is the cause for the attachment. One starts making continuous efforts to end the suffering and then after some time it becomes a part of the life and when the time comes for an end one starts missing it and only then the realization comes of getting attached to it.

But then I thought that attachment may also be the cause of suffering. One gets hurt only when he is not able to separate himself from the things/persons that have become a part of one’s life.

Arghhh…the answer is difficult. I think it’s like a vicious circle which never comes to an end and everyone chooses the answer according to his/her own comfort.